Minox guarantees its products for a two-year period starting from the date of purchase. The working and safety guarantee of the product for its intended use, however, depends on the proper and careful application of the instructions provided by the company.

The warranty period offered starts from the date of purchase. Minox provides for free replacement of any defective parts.

The warranty becomes void in the event of:

  • Non-compliance with the instructions for use
  • Unauthorized changes to the product or relating accessories
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Use of non-original or non-specific spare parts
  • Improper use of the product in question

Minox will repair the Product using new components or equivalent to new ones in accordance with industry standards and practices.

Minox excludes from the warranty cover the parts subject to normal wear and tear resulting from use. Any damage caused by transport must be reported or, if hidden, they shall be communicated within a maximum of seven days from the date of receipt of the product.

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