Safety Guarantee

Minox has also obtained a NSF USA certification, which can only be gained by adhering to specific processes, such as “head to head” TIG welding, which  allows the realization of a product with guarantees of maximum hygiene, and the use of certified and approved accessories.

NSF certification is available for welded containers of 3-5-25-30-50 litres in the “My Fustino” version.
Minox is one of the few companies in Italy to have obtained this certification, which represents an important international recognition.

Developed in the early ’60s, the testing and certification programme offered by NSF proves still today to be the most complete, so much so that it has been adopted in some countries as a mandatory requirement.

Once it has obtained the certification, the product is entered in the list of NSF products, available for consultation directly on the website (www.nsf.org) as a real sales catalogue.

This certification is a declaration confirming the rigorousness of the production processes and compliance with operational rules for the manufacture of a product that complies with the safety and hygiene standards required by the NSF.

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