Professionalism made in Italy, creativeness made in Apulia.

It is called inspiration, and is the reason why a company like Minox stands out on the national scene. The Mediterranean culture, the mingling of olive groves and oil scent permeate the DNA of our company, which turned the Apulian production into a factor of pride.
It is located in an important industrial district in the province of Bari, with a production centre of 6,000 square metres and a staff of 25 employees.
Minervino, where it is located, is a wild land that from where you can reach with the eye the region of Basilicata.
Minox is characterized by ambition of international breadth.
Being deeply rooted in the territory, looking beyond and being able to embrace innovation are the strengths that suffice to describe the challenges of foreign markets.
Minox is the expression of the Italian way of doing.

Minox steel containers are made in Italy, created in Apulia and designed for the World.

MINOX srl C.da Chianche ZI - Minervino Murge - BT +39 0883 69.43.04 - +39 0883 69.58.74 - Fax +39 0883 69.16.88 info@ilfustino.it