Innovating intuition

Minox was born from the intuition of a young Apulian entrepreneur who in 1960 founded the Company in Minervino Murge. Over the years, the generational succession marked an evolution both in materials and production techniques; stainless steel eventually replaced the traditionally used copper, brass and tin.

In the 90s Nineties a further broadening of horizons occurred. Minox joined Acciai Vender Spa, a leading Italian player in the field of stainless steel distribution. This evolution allowed the company to enjoy the competitive advantage resulting from raw material procurement and the ensuing scale economies.
Minox thereby became a reference point of excellence in the industry.

Today, the company founded by Minervino Murge, which is already present in many countries, is projected to a steady growth path. Always acting against the current trend, capable of innovating and experimenting, Minox continues to confirm its daring competitiveness, breaking and rebuilding the rules of design.

A “handicraft factory” playing a pioneering role in the use of steel, attentive to every single detail of its production cycle, aware that the quality of raw materials is crucial to achieve a product that interprets the international culture while expressing the Apulian culture in the world.

The delicacy of shapes proudly shows the strength of materials. The captivating and clean lines tell the perfect combination of functionality and design. The brightness of steel reveals perfection in detail.
Simplicity, quality and tradition shape each element, offering a wide range of products attentive to every need.

Minox, the flexibility of steel.

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