Characteristics steel

An added value

The use of stainless steel has enabled Minox to give its products a high quality standard.

MINOX containers are made taking into account the European laws on preservation of liquid foods, and designed to meet the needs of each customer. They are produced entirely with stainless steel and specially designed to avoid the formation of bacterial colonies inside them, using the “head to head” TIG welding technology without addition of materials.

Stainless steels are special alloys with peculiar characteristics which are able to ensure:

  • Hygiene: ease and effectiveness in the product cleaning process;
  • Strength: life almost unlimited in time;
  • Inertia of the material: guarantee of the inalterability of the organoleptic properties of the liquids contained therein and complete protection from the damaging action of light;
  • Malleability: possibility to forge the containers into various shapes, depending on usage.
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